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MagnaSpread 12ft Tandem Axle Hydraulic Spreader 00MS1012

Our MagnaSpread 12' Tandem Axle Hydraulic Spreader is perfect for Fertilizer or Lime Applications - Distribution of Granular Fertilizer or Lime - BBI Binary Manifold Equipped - Option Rich - Customized for your specific application - Precision Fertilizer, Lime and Organics Spreader - Medium Capacity - Variety of Applications - PTO or Hydraulic Powered Driven Spinners - Spreads Fertilizer in 80' PLUS swaths! No Electronics, SS spinners and fins, Painted carbon ladder, S6 CV PTO, 20" Mesh chain, GR Valve, High Torque Manifold, Heavy Duty Jack, High Duty Cycle Hydraulics with Oil Cooler, Test Pan Kit, and Cast Hitch included in list price

MagnaSpread 12ft Tandem Axle Hydraulic Spreader

(PTHP) = Pull-Type, Tandem Axle, Hydraulic Powered
(L-304) 304 Stainless, (L-409) 409 Stainless
(4520) = 45 Degree Sides, 20" Conveyor
Body Type Options
Option 1 L Low Standard Profile 17 cu ft  / lin ft struck, 49" high
Option 2 H Body 6" Higher Capacity, 21 cu ft / lin ft struck, 56" high
Option 3 B Body 11" Higher Body 23.5 cu ft / lin ft struck, 58.5" high
Model Specs
 ** State of the Art - ELECTROSTATIC PAINT:  Carbon unit is fully painted with two component acrylic urethane that yields superior gloss, color retention and UV stability. Stainless unit includes all mild carbon steel parts painted. Salford Red is our standard color. If requested, color options include red, blue, yellow, black or green. Some custom colors are available.
** CONVEYOR:  20" 304 Stainless Steel Mesh or Close Bar Chain Conveyor.  Tandem motor gear case is standard.  GR Valve is included.  Self contained hydraulics is standard.  Heat shrink on hydraulic fittings is included.
** SPINNERS:  MagnaSpread system standard.  Overhead spinner motors are also standard.
** SUSPENSION AND WHEELS:  10,000 lb Henshen "Torsion-Flex" tandem axles that are extremely durable and low maintenance.  16.5L x 15 Implement Tires with 8-Bolt Hub.
** CAPACITY: 10 ft units 170 cubic feet struck on "L" body;  210 cubic feet struck on "H" body; 235 cubic feet struck on "B" body.
** BBI BINARY TM HYDRAULIC MANIFOLD SYSTEM for MagnaSpread:  Combines the hydraulic controls for the conveyor and spinners into one control manifold. It includes proportional manual speed control for both spinners and conveyor. Pilot operated relief is standard. A dump valve and a GR is standard for the conveyor. The modularity of the BBI Binary Valve allows for quick easy conversion to GR option and to electronic control.
Specify the size unit desired.  Detail any optional equipment desired and prices.  State Paint color desired. Specify 540 RPM or 1000 RPM tractor PTO speed.  If you are using 540 RPM PTO there are special requirements, please call BBI Factory to quote.
Delivery  Prices are F.O.B. at our facility located in Cornelia, GA unless otherwise noted on a special quotation.  If requested, delivery will be arranged to customer's location.  Freight charges will be determined by number of units and mileage.

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