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Against Competitive Systems:

Against Competitive Systems:

Against Competitive Systems:

  • Hydraulic efficiency 90%
    compared to 70%
  • Continuous duty
  • Variable rate
  • 1.5 times stronger
  • 60% more Horespower
  • 50% more Torque
  • 20 - ton system
  • Larger payload
  • Maximize field time

It’s a new day for farming—leave the old standards behind.

Introducing an all-new class of spreaders, optimized for workhorse application of fertilizer and lime. This machine has no quit in it. Designed to outlast, engineered to outperform, it’s tailored specifically for the demands of large farming operations. This equipment features has an unprecedented combination of power, precision, and efficiency.

Presenting MagnaSpread Ultra, only from the BBI Spreaders Producer Series—Producers Welcome.

With a 20-ton payload capacity that’s coupled with BBI’s Continuous Duty Hydraulic System, MagnaSpread Ultra gets the job done without rest. While the hydraulic system knows no boundaries, it maintains a 90 percent efficiency rate, against the former industry standard of 70. Ultra has power to spare, running at 1.5x the former standard in the large-scale fertilizer/lime spreader class, supercharged with 60 percent more horsepower and 50 percent more torque.

Outfitted with a 20-ton walking-beam suspension, MagnaSpread Ultra has the big iron to match the big tasks on the world’s biggest farms. Standard-equipped with BBI’s precision agriculture technology suite, the all-new Task Command System, MagnaSpread Ultra has the brains to match its brawn. The latest offering from BBI Electronics, the Task Command System features a powerful virtual terminal display, FieldView, along with advanced guidance application, automated steering, and a variable-rate technology ECU.

MagnaSpread Ultra is available in 18 and 20-foot pull-type models and compatible with all precision ag applications through BBI’s Binary Manifold, the standard in snap-ready ISOBUS platforms. Showcasing BBI’s commitment to quality at every turn, MagnaSpread Ultra features state-of-the-art electromagnetic paint to win the war on rust and flotation tires to minimize soil compaction.

MagnaSpread Ultra: Greater capacity, longer stamina in the field, precision, awesome power, maximum efficiency, and electronic precision. Get more out of your spreader to get more out of your fields with MagnaSpread Ultra. No rest for the strong.

MagnaSpread3 Spreader

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