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Against Competitive Systems:

Against Competitive Systems:

Against Competitive Systems:

  • Most precise use of prescribed chemicals equals
    greatest level of stewardship compared to 70%
  • Meeting the today's yield demands while keeping your
    land sustainable for the future.
  • Conservation coupled with profitability.
  • Patented technology in a proven platform
  • Leverage agronomy to its maximum potential
  • Employing high level soil chemistry to the maximum
  • Fewer passes
  • Less material waste
  • More precise placement
  • Less time, greater fuel economy

It’s a new day for farming—hit your next level of production.

Introducing the most sophisticated multi-hopper, hydraulic spreader for in-the-field mixing and targeted micronutrient application. It’s a new standard of excellence in precision, tailored specifically for the demands of large-acreage farms. This equipment drastically reduces fuel and material waste, while achieving greater yields. It deliver sbetter bottom lines, year after year, sustaining your farm for the next generation.

Presenting MagnaSpread 3, only from the BBI Spreaders Producer Series— Producers Welcome.

In a single pass in the field, MagnaSpread 3 can deliver on producer-level farms what single-hopper offerings normally do in two to three passes. That saves two to four days of application time for every 1000 acres fertilized, as well as hundreds of gallons of fuel saved. MagnaSpread 3 buys you time to accomplish other tasks, and leaves more profit in your pocket.

MagnaSpread 3 features BBI’s patented multi-hopper design that enables three hoppers to operate independently, all controlled by variable-rate technology. Some of the MagnaSpread 3’s earliest adopters have already successfully spread up to seven nutrients simultaneously with this trusted technology.

Standard-equipped with BBI’s precision agriculture technology suite, the all-new Task Command System, MagnaSpread 3 is wired to perform. The latest offering from BBI Electronics, the Task Command System features a powerful virtual terminal display, FieldView, along with advanced guidance application, automated steering, and a variable-rate technology ECU.

MagnaSpread3 enables business-savvy farmers to extract full value from their agronomic data, employing high-level soil chemistry to its full potential by blending nutrients to the precise specifications of field agronomists. With all of its smart technology in tow, MagnaSpread 3 still delivers toughness with a 14-ton walking-beam suspension. This multi-hopper field genius is available in truck-mount and pull-type models, with state-of-the-art electrostatic paint and BBI’s commitment to quality construction that shines through every nut, bolt, and grease fitting.

MagnaSpread 3—less time in the field, more money in your pocket. The new industry standard in driving value on large acreage farms through redefined excellence in micro-targeted application of fertilizer, lime, and much more. Get more out of your spreader to get more out of your fields with MagnaSpread 3. The Power of 3.

MagnaSpread3 Spreader

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