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Mechanical Spreaders

BBI Spreaders offers a variety of mechanical spreaders in different sizes optimized for multiple applications on farms, orchards, vineyards, and golf courses.

Leading the way is the 10-foot Liberty, the company’s heritage line of mechanical spreaders for mid-sized farms. Liberty is a mechanical spreader for precision application of fertilizer and lime. This tandem-axle, ground-wheel-drive mechanical spreader was the first applicator to feature BBI’s proprietary spreader system, now a hallmark of its multiple lines of hydraulic spreaders.

Next up is the nine-foot Grasshopper, a mechanical spreader optimized for mid-season top dressing of crops. This single-axle, ground-wheel-drive mechanical spreader of fertilizer and lime features nearly two feet of ground clearance and flotation tires to ensure optimal clearance over young plants and minimal soil compaction while spreading.

Working with farmers in the California wine country, BBI has developed the Cricket Vineyard, a mechanical spreader of fertilizer and lime, optimized for the demands of orchards and vineyards. This mechanical spreader features a 58-inch hopper to clear low-hanging limbs, as well as reversible wheels to ensure that the spreader can navigate both 50 and 60-inch tracks.

Cricket Ag and Turf 00CA

Cricket Ag and Turf

  • Optimized for golf courses, ag and turf farms
  • Narrow wheel track width
  • Lightweight—needs only 30-40 hp tractor for pulling

Cricket Vineyard Spreader

Cricket Vineyard Spreader

  • Optimized for orchards and vineyards
  • Reversible wheels for 50 and 60-inch tracks
  • 58-inch hopper for clearing low-hanging limbs

Endurance Pull Type Mechanical Litter, Shavings and Organics Spreader

Endurance Pull Type Mechanical Litter, Shavings and Organics Spreader

  • Spreads compost, manure, litter, and other organics
  • Customizable to demanding organic applications like beet lime
  • Option-rich

Grasshopper 9ft Single Axle Mechanical Fertilizer Lime Spreader

Grasshopper 9ft Single Axle Mechanical Fertilizer Lime Spreader

  • Optimized for in-season top dressing
  • 23-inch ground clearance
  • Flotation tires limit soil compaction

Liberty Mechanical Fertilizer Lime Spreader

Liberty Mechanical Fertilizer Lime Spreader

  • 10-foot, tandem axle
  • Mechanical, ground-wheel drive
  • Capacity for mid-sized farms

Trooper Fertilizer Spreader


  • 10-foot, single-axle for fertilizer, lime
  • Optimized and priced for fleet applications
  • Typically doubles spread swath capabilities of other fleet-type spreaders

BBI’s mission is to improve each customer’s economics, driving value and return on equipment investment through better yields, less waste, and overall greater profitability. To that end, the company equips all hydraulic fertilizer and lime spreaders in the flagship MagnaSpread line and Producer Series models with BBI’s proprietary Binary Manifold. The Binary Manifold gives field users easy connections to all precision agriculture electronics.

The Task Command System, an all-new precision agriculture suite from BBI Electronics, is standard equipment on all hydraulic models, including MagnaSpread, MagnaSpread Ultra, MagnaSpread 2, and MagnaSpread 3.

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