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Compost Spreaders

BBI Endurance is the line of choice for Compost Spreaders. BBI Endurance Compost spreaders come in Pull Type and Truck mount models powered by Self Contained Hydraulics, Plug to Tractor Hydraulics or Mechanical Drive. Four different Hopper styles are available for the BBI Endurance Compost Spreader. Our Vineyard Cricket is also an excellent compost spreader for the Vineyard application.

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Endurance Truck Mount Hydraulic Spreader (Litter, Lime, Shavings and Organics Spreader)

Endurance Truck Mount Hydraulic Spreader (Litter, Lime, Shavings and Organics Spreader) 00ETH

The Endurance Truck Mount Hydraulic Spreader is perfect for Litter, Lime, Shavings, Compost, Manure and Organics Applications. This spreader is a Spinner Spreader so it will work great if you are looking for a Litter Spreader, Lime Spreader, Shavings Spreader, Compost Spreader, Manure Spreader or Organic Spreader. The BBI Binary manifold is STANDARD on all BBI Hydraulic Power Spreaders so making use of Precision Agriculture electronics EASY!

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Endurance Pull Type Hydraulic Spreader (Litter, Lime, Shavings and Organics Spreader)

Endurance Pull Type Hydraulic Spreader (Litter, Lime, Shavings and Organics Spreader) 00EPH

14' - 24' Endurance Tandem Axle - Litter / Organics / Ag Lime Spreader - Medium to High Capacity

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8ft Cricket Vineyard Spreader

8ft Cricket Vineyard Spreader 00CV

Cricket Vineyard / Orchard Spreader - Fertilizer, Lime and Compost - Compact - Narrow Swath - Rated for 30-40 HP

The Salford BBI Cricket Vineyard Spreader provides an affordable and dependable tool for spreading fertilizer, lime and compost in your vineyard or orchard. Whether working as a Vineyard Spreader or Orchard Spreader, the 58 inch hopper allows it to clear low overhanging limbs. The reversible wheels allow a 50 or a 60 inch track to accommodate most vineyards. If spreading fertilizer, lime or compost in your vineyard or orchard, the BBI Cricket Spreader is the perfect solution.

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Compost Spreaders

Endurance is the BBI Brand for Compost Spreaders. BBI Hydraulic and Plug to Tractor Compost Spreaders deliver lime swaths of up to 50 to 60 feet. Compost Spreader swaths vary with the material, but in can deliver a 50 Swath. The BBI Poly Floor has been developed for long lasting hoppers and reduced friction between the floor and the conveyor. Check out our Cost in Use Calculator to see how much you can save with a BBI Compost Spreader. For more information on BBI Compost Spreaders, contact BBI at 1-800-282-3570. BBI is headquartered in Cornelia, GA and distributes throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.

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