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BBI Closed on Monday, May 30, 2011
BBI Spreaders will be Closed on Monday, May 30 in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday.

Perdue finds value in litter
The company that pioneered brand-name chicken -- Perdue Farms Inc. -- is now trying to work similar magic with a less-appetizing end of the poultry industry: the mixture of woodchips and manure called litter.

BBI will be closed Friday, December 31 and Monday, January 3 2011
BBI Spreaders will be closed Friday, December 31 and Monday, January 3, 2011. We will not have anyone in shipping those days, but the web site will take your orders for us to ship on Tuesday, January 4. We wish you all a Safe and Happy New Year.

Noted Soil Scientist Taps BBI SpreadersFor “Subsurfer” Prototype Development
BBI Spreaders announces that it is working in conjunction with Dr. Dan Pote at the ARS Dale Bumpers Small Farms Research Center in Booneville, AR to develop new patented technology for a machine that injects dry poultry litter and composted cattle manure below the soil surface of pastures and no-till fields.

BBI Offers Seamless Integration of Binary Manifold Technology
Barron and Brothers International announces the availability of their new modular Binary Hydraulic Manifold (Patent Pending) now a standard feature on the company’s MagnaSpreadTM and EnduranceTM spreaders.

NEW BBI Online Parts Store - NOW OPEN!
BBI has invested in a new ECommerce Website focusing on online parts sales for most brands of Agricultural Fertilizer, Litter, Lime and Organics Spreaders. We also have parts for Sand and Rock Spreaders. Check out our web site - and give us a call if you have any questions or suggestions!

BBI Spreaders Raises The Bar On Advanced Rate Control Systems
BBI Spreaders is now including the ultimate solution for automatic rate control and guidance with ISOBUS capability on all BBI MagnaSpreadTM and EnduranceTM series spreaders, assuring enhanced attachment compatibility and precision.

Ready Your Spreader: Poultry Litter May Be in Your Future
The poultry spreader has arrived! Once simply a tool to get rid of unwanted litter and manure from the chicken house, poultry litter and the spreader have evolved into one of the most economical and "green" methods to apply nutrients to fields.

Technology in Tractors, Fertilizer Spreaders and Other Equipment Equal Big Gains
Advancements in technology are helping farmers get the most out of every acre, every minute and every dollar they spend. Variable rate application technology on both tractor pull type fertilizer spreaders and truck mount fertilizer spreaders has matured so that it has become a widely accepted tool for the farmer.

Lower Costs and Boost Performance with the New Trooper
A tough new player was recently introduced in the fertilizer spreader arena. Barron and Brothers International is now offering The Trooper, a hard working, well built spreader designed for fleet application.

BBI is Habersham Chamber
The Habersham Chamber Board of Directors selected BBI as the Chamber “Member of the Month” for June, 2008.

BBI Spreaders NEW Pull Type MagnaSpread is turning heads in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio
BBI Spreaders introduced the Pull Type MagnaSpread this fall in response to requests from large acreage farmers in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. BBI Spreaders combined our proven truck mount wide-swath fertilizer and lime MagnaSpreadTM with our proprietary pull type 14 ton walking beam suspension frame with floatation tires. The result is a precision pull type spreader that performs equal to or better than floater spreaders without the investment in a dedicated chassis.

BBI Spreaders opening New Manufacturing operations in Cornelia, Georgia
The Habersham Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Barron & Brothers International will be opening new manufacturing operations in Cornelia. They have purchased the old Ken-Bar buildings on Wayside Street and are currently making improvements to the facility to begin operations before the end of the year.

BBI Introduces the TRIAD: The First Spreader with Three Independent Hoppers - EACH with Independent Variable Rate
After several years of research, development and testing, Barron and Brothers International (BBI) introduces the Triad Spreader System. BBI is Driven to continuously IMPROVE our equipment and make it ready to Plug and Play with the Newest Technology.

BBI introduces the GR System for Hydraulic Fertilizer & Lime Spreaders
Barron and Brothers International (BBI) introduces the GR System for use on Hydraulic Fertilizer and Lime Spreaders. The GR System is designed to allow applicators to put out higher rates of heavy materials at faster speeds. The system increases the bed chain speed while maintaining the necessary high starting torque capability to get heavy loads moving.

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